Monday, 13 April 2009

Meet the Maker - Blue Fairy Designs

Only 12 weeks to go now, and so we have the next Meet the Maker :)

Please welcome Helen Clemons, also known as Blue Fairy Designs, a fused glass artist who has found her way from buying one necklace!

So Helen, what got you into crafting with glass?

I first got into dichroic glass after falling in love with a necklace I bought on holiday in Devon.  I'd never seen anything like it before, and after doing a bit of research into how it was made, I became a bit obsessed with finding out as much as I could about all things glassy!  I went on a basic one day jewellery course locally, which gave me the underpinning knowledge in how to cut glass.  I then saved up and bought a mini kiln towards the end of 2007, and the rest is history!  I have now upgraded to a (much!) larger kiln, and have recently been on an Advanced Fusing course at Creative Glass in Kent.  As well as jewellery, I also make larger items, such as coasters, candle holders and wall art.
I have also just started lampworking, and hope that I will soon be good enough to incorporate my own beads along with my fused glass jewellery.

What is the best thing about working with glass?

The best thing about glass fusing is the magic that happens inside the kiln!  Very different effects can be achieved by using different glasses, temperatures and times, so opening the kiln is always exciting as what comes out is usually very different to what went in!  I also like it when friends show me an outfit they've bought, and describe a piece of jewellery they'd like to go with it, I do my best to make something just for them, and it's lovely when someone is really chuffed with what I've done for them.

What Handm@de stuff do you have your eye on?

I'm really excited about taking part in H@ndmade because I think there are some fantastically talented craft people out there and there's not enough recognition of the amount of work that they put into their craft.  I think a lot of people are coming round to the idea of buying one off unique items, rather than mass produced, buy-it-anywhere stuff, so events like H@ndmade are bringing crafts kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
I am particularly excited about Turned Light's beautiful lampwork beads, Blue Fish Handmade's pretty crochet and Caroline Green's
gorgeous ceramics.  In fact, there are too many to mention, I'm really looking forward to meeting everybody!

Thanks Helen for taking part in Meet the Maker :) Watch out for another one very soon!


  1. Wow, these are beautiful. I can't wait to see them on 5th x

  2. Thank you, can't wait to meet everyone, roll on July, gonna be great!!