Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Meet the Maker - Joe Hurry

Now I guess it would be quite sexist to say this, but this Meet the Maker is a bloke! Please meet and greet Joe Hurry :)

What got you into crafting?

Years after being inspired by a David Shrigley book in the Tate Modern I was working in a call centre (sad, I know). The job gave me a good opportunity to conceive hundreds of new drawings (having spent years drawing already) and I was able get much better at the actual drawing part during this time.

One day a few pages of these drawings got passed to a friend, who passed them on to someone else who also passed them on. They made their way around the whole room and there was a surpisingly good response. I didn't think that anyone except myself found them funny (they were a little strange to say the least). Someone asked whether they could make t-shirts with them and this made me realise that perhaps I might have something here.

A while later I made a decision. I was working in Curry's at the time and living in Brighton. We had a horrible flat that was grubby and completely overpriced and I didn't want to work for such a souless corporation anymore. So we gave notice on the flat, I quit my job and we started looking for somewhere in the countryside. A month later we had moved to Wiltshire and I started turning my drawings into cards and creating what is now Joe Hurry Creations! (True story)

What is the best thing about creating your illustrations?

My favourite thing is being able to share my sense of humour with people. It's especially great when people laugh at cards that I've always found funny but never been sure other people would get.

What Handm@de stuff do you have your eye on?

Hodge Podge Arts has some of the best ceramics I've ever seen - just amazing. I'm very excited to see more of Turned Light's handmade beads as they look brilliant. Also I think Jenny at Jenny's Textiles makes beautiful things, although as she's my fiance I am a bit biased! :D

Thanks Joe for taking part, more and much more very soon!!

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