Saturday, 2 May 2009

Meet the Maker - Fizzology

It is time for the next Meet the Maker, with another craft, this time to keep you looking young and beautiful :)

Please meet Jane McGillivray, better known as Fizzology!

What got you into crafting?

I have been crafting for as long as I have memories. My Mum was always sewing things so I just copied her. I didn't have 'children's' scissors or tools I just used whatever she did and I never cut myself although I do remember sewing a garment to the clothing I had on once! My favourite childhood crafting was Plasticraft, a 1970's kit which you mixed stuff to make paperweights in which you embedded items. I now do this with soap!

What is the best thing about soap making?

I love being able to create all sorts of unusual looking soaps. I especially love the look on my friends faces when I show them my newest creation. A week before Christmas I ran out of soap base and could not get any supplies until after the New Year. By the time it arrived I was like an excited kid - forget the pressies I just wanted to get creating again.

What Handm@de stuff do you have your eye on?

Everything really, I just love seeing what everyone else can create. I used to live in Wickham and then Lee on the Solent so I'm really excited about coming back down to Winchester for Handm@de. My 2 girls were born in the hospital in Winchester so it'll be a pilgrimage for them!

Thanks Jane for sharing the excitement of soap making with us, I can't wait to see and smell them!

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  1. Everything looks scrummy, can't wait to see everyone's wares!