Saturday, 13 June 2009

Meet the Maker - 23 Beech Hill

Back again with another Meet the Maker after the postcard adventure, and hello if you are coming her for the first time after picking up one of the cards :) Please have a look around and visits our artists!

So this time on Meet the Maker it is time to say a big hello to 23 Beech Hill, also known as Laurie Redman!

What got you into crafting?

I can't remember a time that I wasn't being creative. I think my first memory of being creative was when I was about 6 years old. I would pull out the books from my parents bookcase that had a blank page at the beginning or end. Drawing paper must have been short ! Hey, I was just expressing my early creative flair. That's what I tell my parents now when they remind me of it. Still, better than drawing on the walls I suppose.
I always drew horses. Prancing horses, rearing horses, standing horses. Always horses. And my passion for horses has always remained.

At school, I achieved a grade 'A' in 'O' Level Art and also studied 'A' level Art and History of Art. Unfortunately the pull of working with animals was too great for me and I left my studies to become a Veterinary Nurse before taking my final exams. I did however pass my mock 'A' level exam with a grade 'A' before leaving.

I continued to dabble in watercolour painting and painted animal portraits for friends and family. However, my career took a different path and I never seemed to find the time to paint. This drought went on for many years. I got married and had my beautiful daughter, Tilly. When she was three years old I decided that I needed to plan for the day that she started full time school. I'd been a full time mum and I didn't want to be left at home missing my little girl.
So, one day I bought a sewing machine. Friends and family thought it was hilarious - I'd been asked to leave needlework at school ! Hopefully my work speaks for itself now.
If only that Needlework teacher could see me now ...

What is the best thing about creating your textile items?

I find it incredibly satisfying when a textile piece comes together after starting life as a doodle. I love colours, I love mixing the 'not so obvious' together. I love experimenting. I love the time that I have in my sunny little studio listening to the radio. I love to work whilst Tilly is being creative at her little table in my studio too. I love my Springer Spaniel, Archie, snoring underneath my sewing table. I love to hear people say 'Ooh, that's lovely'. I love the satisfaction that comes with making an appreciated , quality BRITISH handmade item.

What Handm@de stuff do you have your eye on?

Funky Mutts. Having a dog myself I can't wait to see their range of gorgeous goodies.

Thanks Laurie, it is great to have such a diverse and exciting selection of items that will be at Handm@de Winchester, remember it is now only 3 weeks away!!

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