Thursday, 25 June 2009

Meet the Maker - Carole King

10 days to go, I can hardly believe it!!! Time to fit at least another three or even four Meet the Makers in! So here is tonight's, it's Carole King, a very talented artist, and creator of lovely books.

What got you into making and creating?

Both my parents have always made things - marionettes, steam engines, clothes, working models, toys so it has rubbed off on their children- we all make things too.
I was introduced to various forms of printmaking when I trained as a teacher and have loved getting inky fingers ever since- there is always something slightly unpredictable about the results, which makes the whole process fascinating.
The books and cards came as an extension of the printing process- there are always so many test prints and experiments that are just asking to be used up in some way. Our annual Christmas card is becoming a collectors item.

What is the the best thing about making books?

The first books I made were sketchbooks for my own use: the manufacturers ones were never seemed quite the right shape or size and so I started making my own. Now I make books for all sorts of purposes; sketchbooks of different sizes and shapes-from pocket upwards, and notebooks: from tiny purse sized minibooks to special ones with pockets for keeping special letters or momentos. All are either completely hand stitched and bound or just covered with my own hand printed papers.

What Handm@de stuff do you have your eye on?

I am looking forward to seeing fiveinthemorning's prints and Paperleaf always have interesting and quirky images for their cards however its always the unexpected that I like to find at craft fairs and of course the interesting people that you meet!

Thanks so much Carole, it is always great to be able to feature sellers create slightly different pieces, and something that you yourself can be creative with : )

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