Friday, 23 January 2009

Do you want to be in a Goody Bag?!

Are you taking part, or can't make it this time, then read on, and you can take part in the great goody bags that get handed out at Handm@de!

The Handm@de Team are at it again! The amazing success of our Oxford event proved there is demand for an accessable, affordable, quality craft fair in the UK right now. People WANT to buy handmade. They want to buy sustainable products made wih love. That is why we have decided to take on three more fairs this year, at fabulous locations across the country.

Cambridge - 4th April
Winchester - 5th July
Oxford - 29th November

We caused a bit of storm in November last year in Oxford, with over 1300 people attending our very first event. The two hundred goody bags we made up, with samples, promos and business cards from handmade crafters and indie artisans went flying off the table, and were all snapped up by lunchtime. I think we should have known, when we saw people queuing to come in at 11, that things were going to go well!

So, with that in mind, the goody bags are back, and they are bigger than ever! We need your BUSINESS CARDS. We need your QUALITY SAMPLES. We need your FLYERS, VOUCHERS and PROMOS!

Here is how it works:

Send us what you have. In all, we plan to give out 600 goody bags this year, another 200 per event. They created a real buzz, and we have had excellent feedback on aftersales from businesses who used them as a way of reaching handmade buyers. You can send us 10 samples. You can send us 200 business cards. Your samples and promotional material will be divided amoungst the events evenly, giving you the best chance at reaching the most people. Please remember:

* This is a lot of work. We love it, but we don't love having to stick 100 business cards to 100 samples because you have forgotton to do it - please send your stuff exactly as you want it to appear in the bags

* Please address the package to Handm@de Fairs.

* Please pay the correct amount of postage!

* Once arrived, your stuff will be photographed, and the photograph will be availible for viewing in the Handm@de Flickr group, as well as a possibility of featuring in our blgs. Of course, we'll credit you if this happens :)

* If you are sending sealed mini-goody bags or packages, please leave one open so we can take a gander at the contents.

The address to send your things to is:

44 Jupiter Drive
Hemel Hempstead

Just remember, we must receive them by the 31st of March for inclusion in all three events, 30th of June for inclusion in two events, and before 4th of November for the final event of the year.

We look forward to receiving your goodies!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

King Alfreds Hall in the Guildhall

Just thought I would share with you a photo of the King Alfred Hall in Winchester Guildhall, this is where Handm@de will be on the 5th!

Remember if you want to take part, mail me at

I will be posting more info about the events in the next few days :)

Monday, 19 January 2009



Welcome to Handm@de Winchester :)  

I will be keeping this as up to date as possible, along side the Flickr group - Handm@de Fairs

Thank you to everyone who has requested an application form, as I receive the completed forms I will check them and come back to you with the payment details.

If I have any new information, or I have to revise information I will mail you and also put the information on here and on the Flickr group.

Sorry this is such a brief first post, but there is lots more to come!!