Thursday, 11 November 2010

a fabulous selection

more fantastic sellers!

Grey Duckling

I’m Eddie from Grey Duckling. I’m a designer and creator of bobbin lace pieces, inspired at the moment by flowers and the natural world.
I also make yarn by recycling pre-loved sweaters and I love creating Danish Christmas decorations with a modern twist.

Emma Lowres

I am an artist and illustrator based in Kings Worthy, Hampshire. I create distinctive, contemporary paintings designed to appeal to both children and adults.
My work is available to buy as high quality art prints and I also sell a range of greetings cards.
I can also be commissioned to create unique personalised portraits based on your specific requirements.

Lucy Gilchrist

I design and screenprint a range of interior products, such as cushions, tea towels and placemats.
My designs are inspired by nature and the surroundings of my old hometown, Broadstairs, and my new home in the New Forest.
Combining my unique drawing style and photographic imagery makes my designs truly original.

Charlotte Lowcock

Edge Inspired is the place to find hanging gifts, original art collages, paper garlands, handmade gift tags for all your events and occasions. Beautiful curiosities inspired by the sea.
Our pieces are fashioned from reclaimed materials, treasures collected over time and objects found from our journeys to the water's edge.

So there you go, another fantastic selection! Not long to go now, more sellers tomorrow!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

and some more

and more fantastic designers/makers!


armcandii combine their signature hand knitted wirework with sparkly vintage & retro pieces & embellish with freshwater & vintage pearls. recycling unloved jewellery with a secret history into new ‘candii’. each piece is unique.

Smashing Chintz

I’m a maker who uses vintage plates and china to mosaic with. Inspired by nature I use the patterned china to create animals – birds, cats, dogs. These creatures are decorative and some can be worn as brooches whilst others are placed on vintage plate backgrounds for hanging on the wall.

Sally Piller

My work is inspired by nature and the seasons, with particular emphasis on colour and texture. I combine techniques such as embroidery, soldering, drilling, collage and graphics to create unique pieces of jewellery, textiles and lovely things. All my work is handmade for that personal touch.

Claire Hurd Design

I'm a freelance designer/maker specialising in embroidered textiles. I produce handmade embroidered and appliqu├ęd artworks, accessories and greetings cards.
All of my products are made with loving care and fine attention to detail. Many of my items can be personalised for a truly unique gift (or a treat for yourself!).

more designers and makers tomorrow, not long to go!

Monday, 8 November 2010

more lovely sellers

Hope I didn't drive you to tears with the radio interview, if you have kept it together, please take a look at another four of our wonderful makers and designers!

Esther Coombs

Up-cycled vintage ceramics and textiles with illustrations drawn by hand directly onto the surfaces, bringing a new layer of stories to each carefully constructed piece. I aim to give lost items a new life, for a customer who doesn’t want throw away and cheap but hand made and unique.

Sophie Marie Smith

I create handmade bespoke jewellery that is affordable, elegant and unique. Working primarily in sterling silver I strive to design beautiful, comfortable and practical rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I love to design items especially for people, helping them create a perfect, unique piece of jewellery.

I am Magpie

I am Magpie Designs offers pretty paper goods, gifts and decoration for your home and party! I produce bunting, invites, cards, gift wrap and assorted decorative prints to make your walls look amazing! Great as gifts or a special treat everything on the stall is my own illustrations with a vintage quirky touch!

Jude Allman

Jude Allman is a potter who makes hand-thrown pottery for everyday use. Her pots include mugs, jugs and bowls using stoneware clay decorated in simple glazes. She also makes accessories like buttons, pendants and one-off ceramics using a traditional Japanese firing technique called raku, which creates a beautiful crackle glaze.

more tomorrow!

the radio interview

Well if you can call it that, if you want to hear me talking about Handm@de, check it out here, I start at about 1 hr 29 mins in!

More of our sellers later!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

some of our lovely sellers..

Thanks if you listened to me on the radio this morning, I was VERY nervous, sweating palms, urgh, but it went very well, and I'm really pleased with the postive feedback so many people have given me!

But onto more important things, our sellers! Every night this week I will be showing off a few of our sellers, in their own words, here we go!

Artspot - Sarah Green

I am a designer/maker of contemporary jewellery from resin, acrylic and silver.
Influenced by forms and palettes from the 50s and 60s as well as more contemporary
trends, my pieces are eye-catching yet easy to wear. My background in graphic design
is evident in my work.

Fired Creations

I cut and layer compatible plain coloured and dichroic glass, and use a kiln to fuse it together; I use the fused pieces to make unique sparkling jewellery. Dishes and hangings are made using the same process.

My inspiration comes from textiles, nature, and art.

Bee Smith

Bee Smith Accessories offers a bespoke collection of hats, bags, ties and occasionwear.
After graduating from Winchester School of Art with a BA Fashion, Bee has specialised in accessory design. Her interest in sustainable and ethical fashion have encouraged her to make everything by hand, source fabrics within the UK and use vintage. Whether you are looking for English elegance or eccentricity, Bee Smith’s accessories offers a little of both.

Eve Leitch

My soft creatures have very strong personalities as art dolls and folksy as cuddly kids toys.
They all carry a good spirit, love and joy because I make them with love and care and wish a good destiny for each one.
My toys are all about touches, hugs and cuddles. I find it deeply wrong to say "no" to the question "may I take this toy, mummy?" The toy has to be touchable and hugable. That is why my toys are made from nice-to-touch materials. And I always pay a lot of attention to the construction of a toy to make sure it is durable. I want you to hug them as tight as you wish without any fear of breaking them.

more tomorrow evening!

Interview on Radio Solent about Handm@de

Big gulp, about to be interviewed on Radio Solent about next week and Handm@de!

You can hear it here -

I will post the link here afterwards when you can listen again on iPlayer : )

Later today I will be adding some of the great bios for our sellers, all are wonderful, and I'm personally very excited!

Don't forget 11am to 5pm Saturday 13th November at Winchester Guildhall!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

3 weeks til Christmas!

Well it is for Handm@de Winchester!

So many fantastically talented designers/makers/crafters to meet!

The list of people taking part has been updated, please check them out!

More soon!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What a fantastic day!

When I started planning this years event, all I could think was, would we get enough people?? Would I be pelted with rotten fruit??

Well no worries, it was amazing!!

All the stall holders were amazing, and of course all the lovely customers : )

What more can I say, well you can go and see all the stall holders photos on the Flickr group

See you Saturday 13th November!!!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Less than a month to go!!!

From now onwards there will be updates of the exhibitors taking part, info about the day, and much much more!

If you have requested an application form and not got it back to me, please do so ASAP, as we are filling the last few tables! They won't hang round for long :)

Watch this space for more lovely things soon!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Handm@de Winchester 2010, double the fun!

This year we are organising two Handm@de Winchesters, one in July, Sunday 4th, and one in November, Saturday 13th.

Next week I will be sending out an application form which will cover both events, so if you just want to do one in the summer, or the Christmas one, or both, the form will have all the info you require!

I will be confirming table prices in the application form, I don't think there will be much change from last year, though there may be a slight increase as the VAT rate has now gone back up.

Also in a slight change from last year, I will not be coming back to you straight away to let you know if you have a table. This is to ensure we have a wide and diverse selection of all crafts, so I will be collecting completed forms, and selecting the best possible range of crafts.

We are looking for as many different crafts as possible, but please do remember to take part you do have to make everything you are selling!

So if you would like an application form, will you please mail me at Please use this address, as otherwise it may well get lost in my e-mail!!!