Monday, 8 November 2010

more lovely sellers

Hope I didn't drive you to tears with the radio interview, if you have kept it together, please take a look at another four of our wonderful makers and designers!

Esther Coombs

Up-cycled vintage ceramics and textiles with illustrations drawn by hand directly onto the surfaces, bringing a new layer of stories to each carefully constructed piece. I aim to give lost items a new life, for a customer who doesn’t want throw away and cheap but hand made and unique.

Sophie Marie Smith

I create handmade bespoke jewellery that is affordable, elegant and unique. Working primarily in sterling silver I strive to design beautiful, comfortable and practical rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I love to design items especially for people, helping them create a perfect, unique piece of jewellery.

I am Magpie

I am Magpie Designs offers pretty paper goods, gifts and decoration for your home and party! I produce bunting, invites, cards, gift wrap and assorted decorative prints to make your walls look amazing! Great as gifts or a special treat everything on the stall is my own illustrations with a vintage quirky touch!

Jude Allman

Jude Allman is a potter who makes hand-thrown pottery for everyday use. Her pots include mugs, jugs and bowls using stoneware clay decorated in simple glazes. She also makes accessories like buttons, pendants and one-off ceramics using a traditional Japanese firing technique called raku, which creates a beautiful crackle glaze.

more tomorrow!

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