Sunday, 7 November 2010

some of our lovely sellers..

Thanks if you listened to me on the radio this morning, I was VERY nervous, sweating palms, urgh, but it went very well, and I'm really pleased with the postive feedback so many people have given me!

But onto more important things, our sellers! Every night this week I will be showing off a few of our sellers, in their own words, here we go!

Artspot - Sarah Green

I am a designer/maker of contemporary jewellery from resin, acrylic and silver.
Influenced by forms and palettes from the 50s and 60s as well as more contemporary
trends, my pieces are eye-catching yet easy to wear. My background in graphic design
is evident in my work.

Fired Creations

I cut and layer compatible plain coloured and dichroic glass, and use a kiln to fuse it together; I use the fused pieces to make unique sparkling jewellery. Dishes and hangings are made using the same process.

My inspiration comes from textiles, nature, and art.

Bee Smith

Bee Smith Accessories offers a bespoke collection of hats, bags, ties and occasionwear.
After graduating from Winchester School of Art with a BA Fashion, Bee has specialised in accessory design. Her interest in sustainable and ethical fashion have encouraged her to make everything by hand, source fabrics within the UK and use vintage. Whether you are looking for English elegance or eccentricity, Bee Smith’s accessories offers a little of both.

Eve Leitch

My soft creatures have very strong personalities as art dolls and folksy as cuddly kids toys.
They all carry a good spirit, love and joy because I make them with love and care and wish a good destiny for each one.
My toys are all about touches, hugs and cuddles. I find it deeply wrong to say "no" to the question "may I take this toy, mummy?" The toy has to be touchable and hugable. That is why my toys are made from nice-to-touch materials. And I always pay a lot of attention to the construction of a toy to make sure it is durable. I want you to hug them as tight as you wish without any fear of breaking them.

more tomorrow evening!

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