Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Handm@de Winchester 2010, double the fun!

This year we are organising two Handm@de Winchesters, one in July, Sunday 4th, and one in November, Saturday 13th.

Next week I will be sending out an application form which will cover both events, so if you just want to do one in the summer, or the Christmas one, or both, the form will have all the info you require!

I will be confirming table prices in the application form, I don't think there will be much change from last year, though there may be a slight increase as the VAT rate has now gone back up.

Also in a slight change from last year, I will not be coming back to you straight away to let you know if you have a table. This is to ensure we have a wide and diverse selection of all crafts, so I will be collecting completed forms, and selecting the best possible range of crafts.

We are looking for as many different crafts as possible, but please do remember to take part you do have to make everything you are selling!

So if you would like an application form, will you please mail me at Please use this address, as otherwise it may well get lost in my e-mail!!!